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Part-time CFO/ Controller Services


We will look over the shoulder of your in-house staff on an as needed basis.  The controller oversees the monthly and quarterly closing process helping ensure high quality financial statements.  We will look over the original entry performed by your staff.  At the end of the month, we can reconcile and update every balance sheet account, including bank accounts, fixed assets and accruals.  We’ll create work papers to make sure your business is always audit ready.

Additional services that we can provide:

  • Review all significant transactions to ensure compliance with GAAP

  • Oversee and review monthly, quarterly, and/or year-end close process

  • Timely and accurate financial reports for internal use and analysis

  • Financial reports to external stakeholders.  This may include bankers, shareholders, or important customers, in some cases

  • Establish and/or maintain financial policies

  • Bookkeeper and accountant direction

  • Accounting systems and controls

  • Budgeting and planning

  • Cash flow planning and analysis

  • Transaction classification, entry and verification

  • Employee supervision

To hire a full-time CFO/ controller is very expensive (average salary is between $60K - $120K per year).  The benefits, bonuses, and payroll expenses of hiring a full-time controller are enormous.  We can provide those same services for a very competitive rate.  We’re willing to work on an as needed basis in order to provide your business with the lowest cost and greatest benefit.